Infidelity DNA Testing

Your infidelity DNA testing needs should be conducted by our certified DNA laboratory technician, not by using litmus paper or an in home DNA test kit. Isn’t this all about the relationship you share with your sexual partner, your mate, or your lover? Considering that your relationship may be at stake it’s important to secure the very best certified infidelity lab testing information available. Are you ready to find answers to your uncertainty?

Infidelity can be difficult to prove, but if you need confirmation of evidence for yourself or others, forensic DNA testing is the most ideal approach to do as such.

DNA Testing

How Does an Infidelity DNA Test Work?

TDNA Global can scan any item for DNA profile, we have detected DNA test from Hats, Sheets, clothing, swabs, stains,  Old memorabilia, Postmortem Bones and or Blood, Hair, etc..

We are ready to serve you NOW! We test suspicious intimate stains, clothing, panties, thongs, underwear, bras, sex aids, hair, condoms, vibrators, pubic hair, restraints, bedding items and for the genetic DNA presence of a woman or man. The testing and sample choice is always yours.

  • “Cutting Edge” infidelity test sample evaluations
  • FREE real person client care by email or phone M-F 8AM – 5PM MST
  • We check our emails and voice messages on a regular basis
  • E-Z, private, sample submission by mail
  • Protecting our clients privacy is our mandate
  • Use an anonymous name if you wish

Be sure to review and submit either a Private or Chain of Custody test form with your test sample.

What Are The Different Types of Infidelity Tests?

There are several types of most accurate DNA test TDNA Global can perform.

  • Complete Infidelity Test ( One reference Sample and one non Standard Sample)
  • Human Identity test/ Specimen ID Match ( Compare Reference Sample to Sample from the same person)
  • Semen/Sperm Analysis ( testing for presence of Semen/Sperm)
  • We also do, Paternity, Maternity and Immigration case tests.

TDNA GLOBAL is now to support you in with your infidelity DNA testing.  We have many years of experience in these types of DNA tests and are continuously offered for consultation or questions.

Once the DNA samples are received at the laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in our working days. Please send an email or call at (619) 567-2449 for DNA test cost tailored to meet your particular testing needs.