Forensic Toxicology Testing

TDNA Global Offers forensic toxicology analysis that could analyze Biological samples like ( Hair, Nails, Blood, Urine, Tissue) and Non biological sample for presence of Chemicals, Toxins, Drugs, Poisons, Heavy Metals and complex substances. The toxicology report from these tests can provide information as to the kind of substances that were present in the biological and non biological samples tested. The toxicology report could also be used to determine the substance’s effect on that individual health, cause of illness, physical impairment or even death.  

TDNA’s affiliated forensic toxicology lab also uses Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) to identify a broad spectrum of poisons, drugs, Heavy Metals in order to aid in the determination of the exposure.

If you believe that someone poisoned, drugged you and expose you to a harmful substance, then you came to the right place, We offer a broad range of forensics toxicology testing services.

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We can test Hair, Nails, Blood, Urine, Tissue samples, and any non biological samples for the following panels:

  • Heavy Metals Screen Profile-21
  • Heavy Metals Screen Profile-30
  • Chemicals and Toxins Screen Profile- Expanded
  • Drugs Screen profile-106
  • Antifreeze- standalone profile
  • Eye Drops – standalone profile

Important: TDNA Global, LLC could test any Substance ( Food or Liquid) to scan for any of the panels above. Be sure to review and submit either a Private or Chain of Custody test form with your test sample.

Please send an email or call at (619) 567-2449 for fees tailored to meet your particular testing needs.